"We didn't realise how much time we would save on our daily mucking routine. Using the Equine Speedskip has given us more time to ride our horses and plenty more time to prepare them for shows."

Elizabeth, Yorkshire
August 2015

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"There is often some objection from people who don't think that they will get on with the higher grip and shorter rake but once having learnt how to use it, there is no looking back."

Equestrian Trade News
November 2009


"My Speedskip makes life much easier. I have a deformed wrist and damage to my lower back from riding accidents and I initially thought a long handled rake was the best option. How wrong I was!! The hand rake puts next to no stress on my wrist and having a short rake encourages bending from the hip rather than arching my back. The skip is bigger than other brands, which is a complete bonus!! Ace product!"

Helen, Herefordshire
January 2016

"Everyone with an Animal should own one of these. The large skip helps scoop more, making less trips. What a great but simple idea that really helps take the pressure off, at a very reasonable price."

Gary, Lancashire
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